From the Woods


Hunt Whips and Walking Sticks, beautiful necessities for every Hunter. original art

Ash, Maple, Hickory. Just a few of the native trees that I use in my products. Selected from all over, handmade in Missouri.

About Us

Whips and Sticks....

Over 30 years experience making whips and walking sticks and now again, fly whisks. Every Stick is selected by me and worked up here in Missouri. Monogramming and/or other embellishments can be added. Custom orders welcome and please send me your horsehair for a one of a kind fly whisk. Whips and sticks, not just for horse people.

A Lifetime of Gathering...

Wood, gourd and epoxy resin eyes

  Ever since I was a kid, I picked things up when I walked in the woods. Sticks, stones, teeth and bones.    Feathers, I was told that every feather you find us a gift. 

 When I was fourteen or fifteen, I decided I needed my own whip. The one that my mother had given me had somehow wound up where some puppy found it. Needless to say she did not give me another one. When I found out what it was going to cost to buy one, I made my own. And then I kept making them because I always could do it better. 

  I enjoy creating from natural things. Years ago there were a fair amount of ostrich eggs, carved and painted. I will add my pictures of them when I have some more time. Painting and drawing have always been a part of the scheme, but lately it is the beauty of wood and more three dimensions that are catching my eye. Please enjoy my work. 

E.P.H.whips, not just for horse people


I take custom orders on all whips, sticks and whisks. Pyrography detail or monogram. A favorite hunt button embedded. Fly whisk from your horses tail. A large variety of wood and finish. 

  I am also up for some illustration, invitations, cards, notes what have you. 


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